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Caregiver Screenings and Qualification Standards


Sutton Home Care holds authorization with the Missouri Family Care Safety Registry which is a division of the Missouri Department of Heath & Senior Services.  This authorization allows our office to gather background information on caregivers.


Sutton Home Care contracts with various other firms that conduct in-depth nationwide background screenings that tend to be more advanced than the Missouri Family Care Safety Registry.


Sutton Home Care utilizes the Missouri Case Net platform to conduct background screenings in the State of Missouri.  Missouri Case Net is limited in scope and is not relied upon heavily.


All caregivers of Sutton Home Care are required to have at least two years of verifiable caregiving experience prior to being offered an interview.


Sutton Home Care staff conducts lengthy reference checks / employment history and requires recommendations from prior clients.  Reference sources are NOT allowed to be family and friends.


Sutton Home Care requires that all caregivers be non-smokers as we are in the health care field and most of our clients prohibit smoking on their property.  Exceptions are made when requested by a PATIENT who is a smoker themselves.


All caregivers must pass a drug screen that tests for; Marijuana, Cocaine, Amphetamine, Methamphetamine, Opiates, Oxycodone, CPC, Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, and Methadone.


Sutton Home Care requires that all caregivers have well rounded personalities and a professional bend about their appearance and vocabulary.


Of course, our interview process is lengthy and we cover many topics that might reveal if there are potential problems with a caregiver applicant.  We conduct walk-in interviews daily between 1PM-4PM at our office at 1736 East Sunshine St, Suite 501 (Plaza Towers), Springfield Missouri.  The walk-in format allows for us to interview and screen as many motivated caregivers as possible, which ensure we have the highest quality candidates for your loved ones.


If you would like to discuss our screening and qualification standards further, please call our office today.  417-865-8812.