Myths And Facts About Dementia

Myths And Facts About Dementia

Dementia, which is a decline in a person’s ability to think and remember, can be devastating to the person suffering from it and to his or her family.  Living with dementia, or taking care of a relative who does, can be a socially isolating experience.  Although dementia is very common, especially in the elderly, lots of misconceptions still surround it, especially in popular imagination.

Myth: The Terms Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease are Interchangeable

Fact: Alzheimer’s disease is just one of the many kinds of dementia.  It is one of the most common kinds, representing more than half of all dementia cases.  Another kind is Lewy body dementia, the disorder with which Robin Williams was diagnosed shortly before his death.  Parkinson’s disease and untreated syphilis can also cause dementia.

Myth: Forgetfulness is Always the First Sign of Dementia

Fact: Fictional depictions of dementia often show affected individuals forgetting minor details or major events and even not recognizing their relatives and friends.  Such noticeable memory loss is a sign of dementia, but it is usually not the first sign to appear.  Patients themselves may first notice that they have difficulty concentrating.  Family members may notice mood changes in their affected relative.  For example, a grandfather who was once easy-going may become short-tempered.

Myth: Dementia Strikes at Random

Fact: Dementia can occur in people who are otherwise physically healthy, but certain lifestyle factors can increase a person’s risk of developing dementia.  High blood pressure, smoking, diabetes, and social isolation can increase the risk of dementia.

Caring for a relative with dementia can be very stressful.  Even if you have a lot of family support, a home health aide can make life easier for dementia patients and their families.  Contact Sutton In-Home Care to find out more about services available for dementia patients.

Brooke Sutton, President, RN

Brooke Sutton, owner of Sutton Home Care and a Springfield native, is a fully licensed Registered Nurse with over ten years experience in the healthcare field.

Brooke provides trusted home care services to numerous patients in the Springfield market which has earned her agency the reputation of being the premier home care agency in this area.
Brooke Sutton’s journey to the home care sector began while she was working as a Registered Nurse at Lakeland Behavioral Health.While at Lakeland, she learned and developed her skill working with psychiatric patients as well as patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia. After Lakeland, Brooke worked as a Community Health Nurse for the Arc of the Ozarks providing home health care services to dual diagnosis patients living at home.Brooke has also worked in the Emergency Room setting which has given her the ability to recognize and communicate problems and potential issues before they arise.

Brooke and her husband Sean live in Springfield and have three children (Brett who is twelve, Karaline who is eight, and Henry who is four).Brooke is active in church and enjoys spending her free time at Table Rock Lake or with family and friends.

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