What Is Alzheimer’s Disease?

What Is Alzheimer’s Disease?

Is your parent or loved one is forgetful from time to time, that is a normal process of aging. However, your parent or loved one may have other symptoms that are more troubling. If your parent is forgetting to do tasks that they have done every day, such as getting dressed and combing their hair, there is the reason for concern. Your parents might also have forgotten how to get to their favorite places. They might have forgotten how to get from the house to the church they have been a member for 40 years. It may be time to consider taking your parents to see the doctor. They may have a progressive neurological disease known as Alzheimer’s Disease. Alzheimer’s is the most prevalent syndrome in a larger disease group known as dementia.

Alzheimer’s Symptoms

Alzheimer’s disease is characterized by the progressive loss of memory and function. Alzheimer’s patients have a great deal of confusion in their daily lives. They may not be able to process emotions effectively. You may notice your parent cannot tell you how they are feeling. They might not be able to process that they are sick, for example. As the disease progresses, patients will have problems maintaining balance, and they may have trouble with appetite. In the final stages, patients have difficulty eating and swallowing. Body movement becomes difficult.

If you are concerned about your parents or someone you love, you need to take your family member to the doctor. A doctor will be able to diagnose your loved one, and he or she could be eligible for medication that could minimize or slow down the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. Patients also benefit from familiar caregivers and an established routine. When patients are in a familiar setting, they are able to find comfort, even if they are confused. If you need help determining a plan for caring with a loved one who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, contact us today.

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