Companion Care For Elderly

Companion Care For Elderly

Companion care services provide patient companions for people who are sick or old. The families can contact these services and hire a patient companion whom they like. Reports indicate that majority of the elders like to stay back in their own home with a patient companion instead of being sent to an old age home.

A patient companion stays with the senior all the time and provides him/her with emotional support and comfort. What an elder person needs the most is emotional support. They often develop a sense of insecurity and feel of being rejected in the family. The patient companions are there to make them feel the opposite. They are there to listen to each and every concern of the patient.

How companion care companies charge their clients

Usually, the companion care services charge their clients on monthly basis. Reports indicate that the charge varies depending on the region. Other factors that affect the charges include the level of the care the patient needs. For instance, if the patient is bedridden and needs full observation, the charge will be higher. Some patients require 24/7 observation. In such scenarios, the patient companions are paid more as they have to assume more responsibility.

It is observed that patient companions with good qualification are paid more as compared to the ones with minimum or lower qualification. Usually, companion care services provide their clients with a full list of eligible candidates, their qualification, and expected salary. The clients can choose the most appropriate companion based on their requirements.

Live-in companions

Live-in companions are those who put up with the sick person round the clock. The salary for a live-in companion is more than that of day companions. The family is expected to provide a live-in companion with basic facilities such as food, accommodation, and vehicle. It is reported that live-in companions in urban areas are paid as much as $10 per hour.

Skills required for a patient companion

To be a patient companion, one needs to have completed the basic courses on patient care. On top of that, he/she should be willing to put up with the sick person. They should be willing to listen to their worries, support them and make them feel that they are not alone. The point is that a patient companion is expected to be empathetic towards the patient.

If you are looking for a patient companion for your grandparents, get in touch with any recognized companion care services. It is always good to do some researches before hiring one.

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