When Nursing Home Care Is Appropriate For An Elder

When Nursing Home Care Is Appropriate For An Elder

It is not an uncommon opinion that moving a family member to a nursing home is not the thing to do. But while it is true that transitioning from the familiar into a totally new setting can be difficult for them, this option also benefits them in many ways.

One advantage is that this places them with access to 24-hour care. If they ever need help, it will always be available. Trained medical professionals will always be nearby, which is something that cannot be had under companion care services. Also, they can derive the benefits of community at these places, with a schedule of activities which makes it easy for them to keep entertained. Nursing homes are a place where they will be safe and comfortable, both physically and mentally.

The main issues for families when considering nursing home care, is the issue of price. Not every family can afford to have a senior member set up in such a place. But if the elder has a retirement fund, this becomes a very viable choice. Any other scenario would normally break the bank. However, even those with the means often shy from this option after considering the emotional cost.

Poor health or advanced age is often best managed in familiar surroundings with the help of companion care services. An alternative that has the elder leaving their longtime home is rife with the possibility of additional stress.

Another aspect of living in a nursing home that can be stressful to some people, is the perceived loss of freedom. Any facility would have a schedule of events, activities, meals, medical care that newcomers would eventually have to adapt to. For families as well, there is the matter of visiting hours to be considered, because they cannot meet their elder relative at just any time of the day, unlike in the case of companion care services at home.

One area where nursing homes fall short is the management of a patient’s unique situation. Many elders feel constricted in their new setup, while others would simply experience unsettling at being removed from all they have known. If they happen to be contending with dementia and other disorienting illnesses at the time of committing, their mental and emotional health can be seriously jeopardized.

When considering this, companion care services are an affordable and effective alternative. And not the least because it allows patients to retain contact with their support networks.

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