Keeping Your Mind Active Helps To Stave Off Dementia

Keeping Your Mind Active Helps To Stave Off Dementia

The old saying goes that you are only as old as you feel.  Of course, insisting that you are still young will not prevent all of the effects of aging.  Sticking to the habits you kept when you were young will not prevent wrinkles or gray hair.  No matter your state of physical health, staying intellectually and socially active can slow the progression of dementia.  Retired people who are physically healthy have plenty of options for keeping their minds sharp, but it’s harder if you are less mobile.  Even seniors who require in-home care have options for exercising their minds.

Ways That Seniors Who Require In-Home Care Can Stay Mentally Sharp

Social isolation is one of the worst things for your physical and mental health.  Unfortunately, it affects a lot of elderly people.  In-home health care is essential for seniors whose family members cannot attend to all of their elders’ needs for care.  Not only can in-home health aides help with physical care, such as meal preparation and help with bathing, but they can also provide a needed social outlet.

Activities That Seniors Can Do with In-Home Health Aides to Stay Mentally Active

A great way to keep the mind sharp is to engage in activities that require learning and thinking.  These are some activities that seniors can do with in-home health aides to stay mentally healthy:

  • Card games and board games that require strategy
  • Telling jokes
  • Birdwatching in the neighborhood
  • Cooking new recipes

Sutton In-Home Care provides personalized in-home care for elderly people and people with chronic illnesses.  Its caregivers are concerned with the whole patient, not only with patients’ physical health.  Contact Sutton In-Home Care to get in touch with home health aides who will help your elderly relatives stay happy and healthy.

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