Why Do Elders Seem To Be Happier In Home Care Than In Nursing Home?

Why Do Elders Seem To Be Happier In Home Care Than In Nursing Home?

When our grandparents get older, most of us struggle to ensure a better care option for them. It is quite natural that we cannot have enough time to spend with them because we all have got our own works to do and we are forced to stay away from home for the work.

In the past, many used to send their elder parents to nursing homes. In a nursing home, the elder person receives personal assistance and medical observation.

Although there are many benefits with nursing care, most elders do not like it very much because they cannot be with their close ones. What an elder needs most in the last few years of their lives is love and care from their dear ones. Obviously, a nursing home fails to offer this.

The nursing home can be far away from the home of the elder. There, the elders are supposed to follow a certain set of rules and schedules. There are several elders in an elder care. A few nurses are appointed to look after the elders in a nursing care.

Although a nursing home helps an elder in meeting their basic needs, it hardly looks at the personal care of the resident. No elders accommodated in a nursing home seem to be happy.

In home care agencies – a perfect alternative to nursing home

According to recent statistics, the demand for in home care services has risen significantly in recent years. Most families who want to ensure better care for their grandparents go for in home care services instead of nursing homes.

In home care services do not require an elder to relocate to a different place. The elders can be in their own homes with their children or grandchildren and enjoy complete freedom. No one interferes in the freedom of the elder. A caregiver is appointed to look after the needs of the elder person instead.

The caregiver provides the elder with all the necessary assistance such as grooming, bathing, eating, going to the bathroom, etc. If the elder is bedridden and requires medication, the in home care agencies appoint a caregiver who is a qualified nurse. This way, the caregiver can administer necessary medications as per the direction of the physician.

In home care is both affordable and effective as compared to a nursing home. Elders who are being looked after through in home care services are happier than their counterparts in nursing homes are.

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