An Overview Of In-Home Senior Care

An Overview Of In-Home Senior Care

Many times, when someone thinks about acquiring a helping hand for their loved ones, they feel guilty. The truth is, in-home senior care professionals are trained in a wide variety of practices. It’s not just about bedpans and basic tasks—there’s a lot to it. We’ve put together an overview of what in-home senior care means to us below.

Medical Reminders and Transportation

If you’re unable to drive your loved one to and from frequent appointments due to conflicting schedules or inaccessibility issues, you don’t have to worry. A trained in-home senior care professional can handle that for you. If your loved one needs medication reminders, or even reminders on when to eat and meal preparation, it’s all covered.

Maintaining Their Lifestyle

One of the difficult things about getting older is losing the ability to carry out certain tasks. Whether that’s light housekeeping, ironing, or just writing response letters, these tasks become increasingly difficult and time-consuming. When your parent or aunt/uncle requires extra help with remedial tasks, it can be exhausting, especially after you’ve worked a full week or you have other plans or responsibilities in your life.

Personal Tasks

If your loved one has recently lost independence with regular bathroom visits, personal grooming, or even getting dressed in the morning, it can really frustrate them (and you). When they don’t want to go into an assisted living facility and want to remain on their own, it puts you in a difficult spot. Trained senior in-home assistants can help with tasks of a personal nature and give your loved ones the help they need, especially during regular hours when you’re unable to be there.

In-Home Senior Care Is a Call Away

In today’s crazy, fast-paced world, we’re constantly pulled every which way. Our schedules are overrun, and it can be difficult to devote time to someone who needs that help. Give us a call today and learn how Sutton can help your loved one retain independence and get the help they need, all at the same time.

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