The Importance Of Safety Measures In Senior Care

The Importance Of Safety Measures In Senior Care

Seniors living at home commonly require assistive services to help them get through the day. Those that forego the option to move to a senior center would often need the benefits of in home senior care. Following are some of the safety measures, which should fall within senior care in homes.

Keep flammable objects clear of the furnace and stove

Flammable items are often the cause of serious injuries in homes. Their proximity to heat sources is often to blame, such as those in the kitchen. Stoves may be one of the most convenient ways to prepare your food, but fire is one of the dangers they bring when you leave flammable material nearby.

Cords and cables

These need to be moved off the floor where seniors are likely to trip over them. Debris on the floor is just as bad in this regard. Seniors should have clear walking pathways in the home, so that they can move around without danger. One fall is all it takes for a broken hip or twisted ankle, and at their age, recovery would be slow. The in home senior care provider should make sure that such items are not lying strewn around.

Smoke detectors

Install these in bedrooms and other areas of the home. If a fire started, the smoke alone can be fatal to the senior. Regularly test these as well to make sure they are working right, and keep the batteries charged. In home senior care is also responsible for the safety of the receiver.

Safeguard valuables

Protection against theft is another thing that seniors often need help with. Forgetfulness is common in their advanced years, and this might make them prone to leave their valuables out in the open. A burglar who managed to get inside would have no trouble taking the valuable off you. A lockbox or safety deposit box is the best place to keep such items.

Supportive handrails

These can provide elders with support when they are fatigued, or unbalanced for some reason. Such a scenario can be dangerous if the senior is on the stairs at the time, or in the bathroom. It is essential to install handrails and holds there so they can move around with relative freedom and adequate safety.

These are some of the things that fall within the purview of an in home senior care provider. The family can also lend a helping hand in the same.

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