Personal Care Services For Senior Citizens

Personal Care Services For Senior Citizens

Old age is one of the most difficult times in a person’s times. Elderly people need frequent attention, care, consolation, and assistance. Usually, the elderly tend to feel isolated very soon, especially when there is no one around them. This creates a lot of tension in them, and consequently they fall victims to a number of health problems and trauma.

Remember that what an elderly needs the most is not expensive treatment or other material things, but our care, affection, and proximity. If we could go around them, talk with them for some time, listen to their worries, and console them from the depth of our heart, it would make a big difference.

How do care services help in elderly care?

Companion care services are meant for families that have difficulties in catering to the needs of their elderly. These services help the families by sending personal caregivers. These caregivers stay with the elderly, meeting their needs, hearing their problems and comfort them. By being with the elder person throughout the day, the caregiver develops a personal bond with the elder. This helps the elder person attain a sense of belonging, which is very essential to help them get rid of loneliness.

Companion care services vary depending on the context in which the service is required and the type of services offered. Normally, the basic duty of caregiver who is part of a companion care services is to be with the sick person or the elder and to help them feel strong and confident. The caregiver would be able to help the senior in doing simple tasks such as reading, playing games, visiting neighbors, taking a stroll in the garden or backyard, etc.

Home making services provider

Normally, the home making service giver meets the entire needs of the senior person. This includes preparing meals, doing the dishes and laundry, cleaning the senior’s room, etc.

Personal care services

A personal care giver’s responsibilities are very limited. He/she is not expected to do anything other than taking personal care of the senior. Obviously, the caregiver is expected to take care of the entire personal needs of the senior such as hairdressing, personal hygiene, dressing up, nail care, and the like.

Companion care services can make big differences in an elder person’s life. Such services are more effective and humane than sending out a senior person to an old age home.

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