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Do you want to know more about live-in care?

Are you considering whether to hire a live-in caregiver to provide home care services to a loved one?  Understandably, most people do not realize that there is a difference between ‘live-in care’ and ’24-hour care’.  Live-in care can be a reasonable solution in some rare situations but, buyer beware.  Although there are exceptions, many live-in caregivers are essentially homeless and wander from city to city or state to state looking for someone to live with.  As you can imagine, long stretches of time with a single caregiver can be overwhelming for both the patient and their families, resulting in less than satisfactory outcomes.   When we opened our office in 2014 we started out with a few live-in shifts and discovered REALLY QUICK that live-in arrangements are not in the best interest of our clients.  Without going into too much detail, there is a reason why there is only ONE home care agency in the entire Springfield market that does live-in care.  Proceed with caution.


At Sutton Home Care, we staff for 24-hour home care in traditional 12 hours shifts, just like a hospital.  This means that your loved one is going to have 4-5 full-time caregivers that are working various shifts around the clock. The benefit of this system is that your loved one’s care will not be the sole responsibility of one caregiver that has minimal/no supervision, as is the case with live-care.  With 24-hour home care that is staffed in 12 hours shifts, there is always a new caregiver coming at the end of a shift which helps keep a fresh face in front of your loved one and provides for accountability.


Many families come to us in a frantic state after their loved one has suffered a stroke or a fall and need care immediately.  While we have the staffing to cover these cases, many times, the patient does NOT actually need full-time 24-hour home care assistance for a long period of time, if at all.  At Sutton Home Care, we offer free in-home consultations administered by owner and Registered Nurse, Brooke Sutton.  Brooke can come to a facility or your home to meet with your loved one and help create a plan of action that will be successful for their recovery or long term goals.  We can accommodate almost any scenario and regularly work side by side with multiple home health, rehab. and hospice agencies that may be providing services in conjunction with private duty home care by Sutton Home Care.  Call today for a no pressure consultation and see if Sutton Home Care is the right fit for your loved one.