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Q. I need a CNA—or a PCA, or an HHA, or maybe, a companion…CAN YOU HELP ME?

Absolutely! There are many different options of in-home senior care for Mom or Dad but we keep it simple and straight forward. At Sutton In-Home Senior Care we offer companion care and non-medical personal senior care. All services are included in the same hourly rate and often overlap one another based on the specific needs of your loved one. It’s as simple as that! Rates are below.

Q. Do you provide around the clock 24/7 live-in home care?

Yes. Each situation is different because some seniors are sleeping through the night while others may be getting up frequently for use of the bathroom and be confused and disoriented in the middle of the night. Each patient requiring 24/7 live-in care is carefully evaluated and assigned multiple caregivers depending on their preference. While we prefer to keep the number of caregivers coming in and out of the home to a minimum, new laws requiring overtime pay for employees in the home health field can require some scheduling adjustments to keep in-home senior care affordable for you and your family. Some caregivers may work four days in a row while others may work three days in a row. Some clients may prefer a slightly different schedule with day and night shifts spread among 3-4 different caregivers. In many situations we are able to offer a price break due to the lower costs associated with extended live-in senior care.

Q. What if my mom or dad needs transportation to or from a doctor’s appointment, to get groceries, or another appointment?

Transportation can be provided in the client’s vehicle or in the caregiver’s vehicle.   Transportation in the client’s vehicle does not cost extra and is included in the cost of service.  If we are transporting your Mom or Dad in their vehicle we must obtain proof of full coverage insurance and a waiver.
Anytime the caregiver’s vehicle is used, a one-time $8.00 fee is charged as long as the destination is within five miles.  Any destination over five miles is billed at 45 cents per mile plus the $8.00 flat fee. All transportation fees are collected added to your weekly/monthly invoice and remitted in full to your caregiver each week and included in their paycheck.  Sutton In-Home Senior Care remits 100% of transportation charges to your caregiver.

Q. I live out of state.  How do I know that the home health aide/CNA is getting to my parent’s house as scheduled?

Our office uses a system called telephony.  With this system, the aide calls from the client’s phone when they arrive and again when they leave.  This call is recognized by the computer and logs the caregiver’s arrival and departure time and calculates the hours billed for services of that specific caregiver.  In the event a caregiver doesn’t arrive at the scheduled time, our office is automatically notified and we locate the caregiver or find a replacement if they are sick.  We always notify the patient of any delays or if a different caregiver is coming that day.

Q. Do you sell medical supplies and/or equipment?

We do not sell medical supplies or equipment but we can help find anything you need and in many cases arrange for delivery and/or installation.

Q. Do you only provide home care to seniors?

We provide home care services to anyone needing non-skilled/private duty companion care, regardless of age.

Q. What if our caregiver gets hurt on the job?

We maintain workers compensation, general liability and errors and omissions insurance on each of our employees. We do not hire independent contractors. Each caregiver is an employee of Sutton In-Home Senior Care, LLC.

Q. How/When do I pay for companion services?

Sutton In-Home Senior Care is a self-pay agency. All visits are billed in advance of service and payment is due in advance of service. Depending on the amount of time billed, you can pay weekly, monthly or in 10-visit increments. When we have just one visit left in our system that has been paid, we will call/email the responsible party with an invoice. Payment can be made over the phone via credit card or check by mail.

Q. My mom has the early stages of dementia and cannot be left alone but I cannot afford 24-hour live-in homecare.  Can you help me?

Yes. In some cases, early dementia and Alzheimer’s patients are safe at night or when they are sleeping.Many clients opt for our services during the daytime until Mom or Dad go to bed.  In the morning when they wake, we are there to help with their morning routine and provide assistance whenever they may need it.

Q. What if we don’t like the home health aide?

Simple, we will send another.  We want you and your Mom or Dad to be comfortable with their aide(s).

Q. Do we get to pick our home health aide?

You can, however, if you opt to interview each aide you are responsible for their wages at a two hour minimum.  Typically, our clients let us pick a carefully screened aide for them and we take great care in matching a home health aide that is positive, warm and patient.

Q. Do I pay the caregiver directly?

No. Clients are invoiced once per month or weekly (whichever you prefer). You never have to pay caregivers directly nor will you ever be asked to pay any additional fees to an employee.

Q. Can I change or discontinue services for my loved one?

Yes. You can change the number of visits or type of care provided at any time. We understand that needs can change in an instant and are flexible as possible with your loved one’s care. There are no weekly or monthly minimum requirements. There is a two hour minimum visit. You are never bound to a long term contract. You can discontinue services with Sutton In-Home Senior Care at any time.

Q. How do I know if I need a Home Health Aide or a CNA/PCA?

We hire CNAs (Certified Nurse Assistant) or PCAs (Patient Care Assistant) for both companion care and non-medical senior care.  While we have a mandatory training program for each of our employees, CNA/PCAs are specifically trained in infection control, patient transfers, nutrition and medical terminology.  CNAs and PCAs are preferred by many of our patients in order to maintain continuity of care (the same caregiver) even as your Mom or Dad may require a higher level of care as time progresses.
While certifications like CNA or PCA are important, we also have some retired LPNs (Licensed Practical Nurse), and non-licensed Home Health Aides on staff.  In some cases, we have the opportunity to hire a retired nurse, LPN, or a non-licensed Home Health Aide that exhibits a passion for senior care and has substantial experience in the field although they may no longer carry a license/certificate.  We work hard to find the best caregivers that are loving, compassionate, skilled, and have the appropriate training and experience required to care for your parent.

Q. How do you screen your employees?

Each caregiver must pass a background check, complete a 6-8 hour training program administered at our office, have at least one year experience in – home health care/nursing home care, and complete ongoing training administered by Brooke Sutton, RN. We hire only the most qualified caregivers.

Q. Do you accept Medicaid, Medicare or VA insurance?

No. Sutton In-Home Senior Care is a self-pay agency.  Some private insurance is accepted.

Q. How do I know you are hiring the BEST aide for my Mom or Dad? Why Sutton In-Home Senior Care?

We pay the best wages in the area which draw the most committed, honest, experienced, career oriented caregivers in the industry.  Our staff is serious about finding compassionate employees that have a true interest in working with seniors and the elderly and understand the trust placed in us by each client.

Q. How old are your caregivers?

Sutton In-Home Senior Care is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE).  All home care aides / senior companions must be able to lift at least 50 lbs. We hire nursing students, career oriented CNAs/PCAs/Health Aides, as well as semi-retired people with various backgrounds in health care.  If you are interested in becoming a caregiver, please email resume and qualifications to Brooke Sutton at [email protected] or stop by our office at 1200 E. Woodhurst B-100, Springfield MO 65804.

Q. Can you administer medication?

While we cannot administer medication we can assist in reminding individuals when to take their medication, assist with pre-measured medication packages and report any side effects. Medication reminders and medication logs are one of our most requested services.

Q. Will my loved one always receive care from the same caregiver?

Our goal is to establish a long-term care-giving relationship with your loved one. We understand that a strong and consistent rapport with the same caregiver is extremely important for a successful home care experience. If your loved one receives care for many hours a day it is often necessary to schedule an additional caregivers, however, our goal of providing consistent care is the same. We want all of our patients and family to be happy and confident with our agency and we will do what it takes to achieve that goal. We have structure and multiple processes to ensure continuity of care.