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How We Hire In-Home Caregivers

Finding high caliber caregivers is not an easy task.  It has taken us years to develop a team of caregivers that are responsible, dependable, caring and have the experience necessary to care for your loved one.  There are many people in the Springfield market that want to be a caregiver but don’t possess the mentality, attitude or experience necessary to ensure positive outcomes.  Part of our ‘Secret Sauce’ is finding caregivers with a passion for seniors and a heart for serving others.  As you can probably imagine, finding and hiring quality caregivers that possess these traits is much easier said than done.


We interview about 10 potential caregivers for every 1 that we end up hiring.  There are many caregivers who are “just OK”, as Sean likes to say.  Sure, they might do an all right job, but are they going to engage with your loved one and take the time to develop a relationship with them?  Are they going to get along well with others in the home and do what is asked of them?


At Sutton Home Care, the guide we have always used is simple.  “Would I want to spend time with this person?”  “Would I trust them with my own Grandma?”  “Do they have the experience necessary and a proven track record caring for seniors?”  Our exposure to so many different caregivers and family dynamics give us a unique ability to match the right caregiver with the right family.  We have a three strike system in our office.  Three of our office staff (Brooke, Sean or Kristine) interview and/or engage with each potential caregiver.  If just one of those three people gives the potential hire thumbs down.  That’s it.  On to the next recruit.  Our patients have the judgment of three seasoned professionals making the decision on their behalf whether or not to hire a caregiver for their loved one.  Many of our ‘Big Box’ competitors have a human resources person that is under extreme pressure to hire quickly in order to fill new or open shifts.  As a result, there is a complete disconnect between the person doing the hiring and the family’s needs.  This is NOT what you want.


Whether you choose Sutton Home Care or another agency in town, do your home work.  In the Home care business, bigger is almost NEVER better and you get what you pay for.  Home care is a unique field with many moving parts.  Large agencies usually lack the atmosphere to carefully manage all the aspects of providing quality in-home care.  Thank you for taking the time to read through our site.  We are here for you and would like to talk with you and answer any questions you may have.  Call us today!  417-865-8812.