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How A Home Care Agency Can Make Your Life Easier

Home Care agencies are typically staffed with caregivers as well as support staff to help coordinate care for patients.


Effectively recruiting, interviewing, hiring, training and scheduling caregivers is a time-consuming effort that many families simply don’t have the time or ‘know how’ to get done. A good home care agency is your support system that has a small army of employees dedicated to the care of their patients as well as the sanity of family/primary caregivers.


At Sutton In-Home Senior Care, our patients and their families have access not only to the vast resources and experience of our caregivers and office staff but also of agency owner, Brooke Sutton, who is a registered nurse. Brooke works closely with all family members to develop care plans tailored to each client and their families. These care plans include things like patient schedules, appointments, medications, safety concerns and client input recommendations for the type of caregiver/personality type they prefer.


Facilitating home care is an ongoing endeavor that requires constant adjustments as patients and their families progress through the aging process or have changing needs. Brooke takes her role seriously and spends hours on the phone each day coordinating and planning care for each of her patients. We work closely with many patients and their families up to the final moments of their time on this earth. This time can be full of uncertainty and fear for your loved one. The relationship that forms from this level of commitment can relieve so much pressure from overworked family caregivers. Having an advocate that family members can talk to, ask questions or even just to vent, goes a long way to ensuring a safe, calm and healthy environment for home care patients and their devoted family members. (Click here to read an actual review from one of our families).


Home care is a ‘people-centered’ business which means even the most reliable caregivers can get sick or have an emergency come up. Sutton Home Care has dedicated ‘floats’ or on-call caregivers that are available should there be a service interruption. Brooke Sutton takes service interruptions seriously and she personally works for clients, when needed, to accommodate schedule changes or service interruptions.


Whether your loved one needs only a few hours of care each week or 24/7 care, a home care agency can make your life much easier. By doing for you, those necessary requirements such as hiring just the right caregiver that’s been thoroughly screened and professionally trained, maintaining a consistent caregiving schedule and faithfully caring for your loved one, a home care agency can help enhance your quality of life and make it much less stressful. Sutton Home Care offers you a true partnership, peace of mind and security.