Things To Pack When Heading To The ER

Things To Pack When Heading To The ER

When an emergency comes up with a senior relative or parent, the last thing you will be paying attention to is what to pack. That may not seem as important as getting to the ER, but these places usually aren’t the most comfortable environment for your loved one to be. Especially, if they had been receiving in-home care, it can be hard for them to wake up in the hospital.

You may end up spending hours getting through the formalities, so being prepared for that contingency is a practical necessity.

What To Pack

  • Make sure you have a complete list of medications they are currently taking, and the times and doses for each. Longtime ICU nurse Megan Helland, RN, says this helps ensure the senior gets the best care. “There’s no need to bring the medication itself, since hospitals prefer to dispense their own.”
  • A list of any allergies: You will also need to include the type of reaction to each allergen, and the practiced intervention.
  • A document of all medical conditions: This should be easy to get from the senior’s primary care physician. Make sure to include the most recent treatment for each of condition.
  • Glasses and hearing aid: This can be easy to overlook, but you don’t want your elder waking up and then not being able to communicate.
  • Comfort items: It is important to keep these to a minimum so that you don’t clutter the place up. Some personal belongings, such as a favorite book, snacks, family pictures, etc., can be comforting, especially if your senior is an Alzheimer’s or dementia patient.

If you are going to be there overnight, make sure to pack yourself a few essentials including a change of clothes, cell phone charger,and a snack. This will make the wait more comfortable and easy. It is important to make sure they spend their time at the hospital in comfort.


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