Home Care for Parents with Dementia

Home Care for Parents with Dementia

If you are an adult in midlife with older parents, you know that there may come a time when you will need to make decisions for them because of their health. At any given time, between five and seven percent of the population has a form of dementia in the United States. Once an adult reaches 85 years old, he or she has between a 1 in 4 and a 1 in 2 chance of developing some form of dementia. If this happens to your family, you need to know that there are ways you can help your parents through this difficult time. Your parents may be able to remain in their homes throughout the progress of the disease, with the help of home care.

Why Is Home Care Necessary?

Adults who have dementia, a disease of the brain, are trying to hold on to the memories they have. They want to stay in their homes where they feel comfortable, and where objects are familiar. Adults with dementia become creatures of routine. They want to watch the same shows on TV, eat the same breakfast, and cover themselves with the same blanket every day.

If it is an option, home care provides a great deal of relief for families. We are able to provide a continuum of care for patients. At the onset of dementia when a diagnosis is decided, your parents may just need someone to check on them during the day to make sure they have eaten and taken their medication. As the disease progresses, we may need to remain in the home with the patient to make sure he or she doesn’t fall, is able to groom and clean themselves, and help with meals. Because dementia is a process, we are able to add services as your parent needs them, in the place where they feel most comfortable. Why not give us a call today, and let us help you with your parent’s needs?

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