What Is Pulmonary Rehabilitation and How Can it Help a Loved One with COPD?

What Is Pulmonary Rehabilitation and How Can it Help a Loved One with COPD?

Pulmonary rehabilitation is an entire system of support and education for people with COPD and other lung issues. If your loved-one’s doctor has recommended pulmonary rehab, you might want to learn a little more about it.

Breathing Techniques and Exercises

COPD and the shortness of breath that it can cause are extremely scary, especially when your elderly parent is first diagnosed.  Learning how to manage her breathing can help your aging parent to stay calm when her breathing feels out of control.  It can also help her to strengthen her lungs and stave off some breathing difficulties.

Physical Exercise

Your senior family member needs to exercise, even though breathing can sometimes be more difficult with COPD during exercise.  Pulmonary rehab helps your aging adult learn how to exercise properly with COPD and how to manage her breathing.  She’ll also learn how to spot her own physical limits with exercise and gradually become stronger.

COPD Education and Medication Education

Chances are good that your elderly family member is still learning a lot about COPD, what it is, and how her medications can work together to help her to breathe much more efficiently.  Many pulmonary rehabilitation programs offer opportunities for her to learn as much as she can about what it means to have COPD.

Tips and Strategies for Managing COPD Daily

COPD takes constant management in order to keep your parent on the right track.  Everything from eating the right foods to getting enough sleep and down time, can all factor in to how well your loved one feels.  Throughout her time in pulmonary rehabilitation, your loved one can learn all sorts of tips, tricks, and strategies to help her feel as well as possible.

Support Groups

Some pulmonary rehabilitation programs also offer an opportunity for loved-ones diagnosed with COPD and their caregivers to talk to other people in the same situation. This also allows you and your loved-one to learn more about COPD, but it’s extremely helpful for emotional support.

If your senior family member is worried about transportation to and from pulmonary rehabilitation, consider hiring home care providers or setting up a travel schedule with other family members. Pulmonary rehab is definitely something your loved one doesn’t want to miss.

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